Yorkshire Track and Field Championships 2016, Cudworth

The Yorkshire Championships was a very successful weekend for Hallamshire, with many medals won from all age groups.

In the U13B 100m final Hallamshire claimed all 3 medals with Joel Vernon finishing 1st in 13:31, Kayden James coming 2nd with a PB of 13.47 and Nathaniel Dyas in 3rd with 13.93. For the U17 Women Alicia Littlejohn finished 5th in Heat 2 with a PB of 13.54. In the U15G final, Acacia Williams-Hewitt came 2nd in 12.61, Lucy Revitt finished 6th with a PB of 13.08 and Nicole Hague came 8th also with a PB of 13.31. Freya Sedgewick came 6th in Heat 2 of the U15G 100m with a time of 14.20. Ben Kelly came 5th in Heat 1 of the U17M 100m in 12.20.

In the 200m, Hermione Archer came 2nd in the U20W final in a time of 27.32 and Acacia Williams-Hewitt finished 1st in the U15G final with a PB of 25.50.

Lucy Revitt came 3rd in the U15G 300m final with a Seasons best of 43.08, after winning her Heat in 44.07. Ryan Selman finished 6th in the U17M 400m final with a PB of 62.46. Caitlin Tevendale came 3rd running 66.29 in the U20W 400m. Charlotte Slack came 4th in a strong Senior womens 400m race in a time of 59.70.

In the U17M 800m, Joshua Francis came 5th in Heat 2 with a PB of 2:21.21. Saskia Huxham won the U17 Womens race with a PB of 2:14.66. Alex Durant finished 6th in Heat 1 of the U15B race with a time of 2:23.18. In the U15G Tati Wilson finished 7th in the 800m final in 2:36.85. Earlier in the day, Tati had won her heat in 2:30.09 with Ellie Rogers running a PB of 2:35.97 for 4th place in Heat 1. Sophie Oliver came 8th in Heat 2 with a PB of 2:55.20 and Holly Booker finished 5th in Heat 3 in 2:35.56.  In the U13G 800m, Ruby Simpson won Heat 1 in 2:30.73 and Emily Hunter came 3rd with a PB of 2:37.70. In Heat 2, Zena Hartley won in 2:31.26, Summer Ludlam finished 7th in 2:49.92 and Georgia Robertson came 3rd in Heat 3 with a PB of 2:39.11. The U13G final was a high quality race with Ruby Simpson taking the gold medal with a PB of  2:22.95, Zena Hartley had a strong race to finish 2nd also with a PB of 2:26.58 and Emily Hunter came 6th gaining another PB of 2:35.14. Charlotte Slack took the bronze medal in the senior women’s 800m in 2:18.41 (with the first 4 women all on 2:18).

Connor Milnes dominated the senior men’s 1500m, leading from the gun in a strong wind to win in 4:04.49. Josh Walton was 5th in the U20M 1500m (the official time has not been included in the published results). David Lewis was 12th in the U17M 1500m in 4:39.39. In  the U15G 1500m, Jodie Hill finished 2nd in a high quality race with a PB of 4:56.32. Laura Trask and May Quinn both ran pbs, with Laura finishing 6th in 5:11.48 and May 10th in 5:28.48. Taylor Hill was involved in a fast U15B 1500m, eventually taking 5th with a new PB of 4:36.88. Ben Shaw ran well to finish 13th and improve his pb to 4:57.92.

Hannah Fletcher won the senior women’s 3k, running a new pb to take the gold in 10:00.29. Imani Wilson also ran a pb to win the U20W 3k in 10:54.52 with Lilly Fletcher taking the silver medal in 11:01.24.

In the 75m Hurdles final, Lucy Revitt (U15G) came 5th with a PB of 12.86 and Nicole Hague after a bad fall at the start, showed her determination and got up to finish 8th in 19.33. In the 80m Hurdles, Gabby Craft (U17W) finished 4th in 13.05. Ben Kelly came 1st in the U17M 100m Hurdles in 17.54 and Saskia Huxham also came 1st in the U17W 300m Hurdles with a PB of 45.79.

In the High Jump, Ayman El-Amrani (U17M) came 3rd with 1.70m. For the U20W, Hermione Archer came 5th with a seasons best jump of 1.40m. James Lee won the U20 Mens with a seasons best of 1.90m. In the U15G, Ellie Rogers came 9th with 1.30m, Sophie Oliver came 11th with 1.25m and Freya Sedgewick finished 12th with a jump of 1.15m. Sam Kelly came 6th in the U13 Boys with 1.20m and Erin Lobley finished 2nd in the U13G with a PB jump of 1.48m.

Nathanial Dyas came 7th in the U13 Boys Long Jump with a PB of 3.61m and Erin Lobley (U13G) won gold with 4.72m. Nicole Hague finished 2nd in the U15G also with a PB jump of 4.90m. For the Under 17s, Alicia Littlejohn came 8th with 4.66m and Ryan Selman came 5th with a jump of 4.71m. Elaine Williams finished 3rd in the U20 Womens long jump with 4.87m and Heermione Archer came 4th with 4.53m.

In the Shot Putt, Nathanial Dyas (U13B) came 4th with 5.84m and Erin Lobley (U13G) won another gold medal with a PB throw of 8.76m. Alicia Littlejohn (U17W) finished 11th with 8.59m and Nathanial Thompson (U20M) came 2nd with 11.32m.

In the Discus, Joshua Francis (U17M) finished 1st with 22.70m, Charlotte Mather (U20W) came 4th with a Seasons best throw of 29.61m and Sophie Oliver (U15G) came 7th with 13.71m.

George Perkins came 4th in the Senior mens Hammer throw with 43.05m.

In the Javelin, Lauren Foletti (U15G) got gold with a PB throw of 28.04m. For the Under 17s, Saskia Huxham came 3rd with a seasons best throw of 28.91m and Joshua Francis came 2nd with 27.71m. Charlotte Mather (U20W) finished 4th with another seasons best throw of 22.66m.

Well Done to all Athletes that competed, it’s great to see so many Medals being won and Personal bests being achieved.

London Marathon and Mini Marathon 2016

24th April 2016

In the London marathon, Ben Beattie was 153rd in 2:35:08 and Mike Sprot 903rd in 2:51:00. Martin Fuller finished 2825th in 3:07:06. Claire O’Toole finished 4503rd overall and was the 450th woman in a time of 3:18:37. Richard Tompkins came 6175th in 3:28:31. Well Done to all that took part and raised money, especially Richard who raised £1400 for prostate cancer, it’s great to see people representing our club and using there place in the Marathon to raise money for an excellent cause.

Cameron Bell was 23rd in 15:07 in the U17M London Mini Marathon event over the last 3 miles of the marathon course. Taylor Hill came 22nd in the U13B race in 16:57. Mary McCarthy finished 52nd in the U17W in a time of 18:30. In the U15G race, Saskia Huxham came 51st in 18:40 and Eve Crownshaw finished 55th in 18:50. Jodie Hill finished 4th in the U13G race in 17:45, just one second behind 3rd place.

Youth Development League 1 (U13/U15), Cleckheaton

A good start to the Youth Development League in Cleckheaton this weekend with many winning performances and Personal bests.

In the U13G, 75m race, Jamie Hemsworth came 4th in the A race in a time of 11.3 and Eniola Ajagbe got a PB in the B race by coming 1st in 11.0.

Jack Parker also got a PB in the U15B 100m, coming 3rd in 13.2. In the U13B race, Joel Vernon came 1st in the A race with a PB of 13.7. Kayden James came 2nd (B race) with a PB of 13.9. In the Non-Scoring race, Nathanial Dyas finished 1st in 14.4. Acacia Williams-Hewitt finished 1st in 13.1 in the U15G, with her team mate Elle Koziupa also coming 1st in the B race with a PB of 13.5.

In the U13G 150m, Claudia Turnell and Eniola Ajagbe had a good race both running Pbs and coming 1st in 22.2 and 22.0. In the 200m, Jack Parker (U15B) finished 3rd with a Seasons best of 26.8. For the U13B, Joel Vernon (A Race) came 1st in 27.5 and Kayden James (B Race) came 1st with PB of 28.9. In the U15G, Acacia Williams-Hewitt came 1st with a PB of 26.3 and Elle Kosiupa also finished 1st in the B Race in 28.0.

Alex Durant came 4th in the U15B 300m with a PB of 47.6. Lucy Revitt ran a seasons best in the U15Gs race coming 1st in 44.3 and Tati Wilson finished 1st in the B Race with a PB of 46.0.

In the 800m, Alex Durant (U15B) finished 2nd with a PB of 2:22.3. For the U13B, Charlie Sleney came 1st in a PB of 2:35.6 and Luke Baxter came 2nd (B Race) in 2:20.4 which is another PB. Tati Wilson won the U15G A 800m with a season’s best of 2:27.7. Holly Booker knocked 15 seconds off her PB to win the B race in 2:32.0. May Quinn also ran a PB of 2:41.88 to win the non-scoring 800m. In the U13G race Ruby Simpson finished 1st in 2:26.5 and Emma Shipley also finished 1st running a PB in the B race in a time of 2:29.6.

Zena Hartley won the U13G A 1200m in 4:05.0 and Georgia Robertson won the B race in 4:12.2. In the 1500m, James Hartley (U15B) ran a PB coming 4th in 5:10.4. Dylan Stevens finished 2nd in the U13 Boys race in 5:00.8, just outside his pb. In the 15G race, Laura Trask won with a big Pb of 5:20.1, taking 11 seconds off her previous PB and Ellie Rogers won the B race with a Seasons best of 5:37.0.

In the 70m Hurdles, Erin Lobley came 1st in 12.8 and Madeleine Anderson came 1st in the B race with a PB of 16.5. In the U13B, 75m Hurdles, Sam Kelly finished with a PB coming 2nd in 18.1 and Lucy Revitt (U15G) came 2nd in 13.2.

In the High Jump, Gabriel Gisborne (U15B) jumped a PB of 1.53m coming 2nd. Sam Kelly (U13B) also Jumped a PB coming 2nd with 1.25m and Sam Oliver (B Jumper) came 1st with a seasons best of 1.15m. For the U15G, Sophie Oliver finished 4th with a jump of 1.20m. In the U13G High Jump, Erin Lobley came 1st with a jump of 1.35m and Gabrielle Anderson also came 1st (B jumper) with a Jump of 1.10m.

Jack Parker came 1st in the U15B Long Jump with a seasons best of 4.58m and Alex Durant came 3rd (B jumper) with a PB of 3.77m. For the U13B, Joel Vernon came 2nd with a PB of 4.28 and Kayden James also got a PB finishing 2nd with a jump of 3.67m. Lucy Revitt (U15G) came 2nd jumping 4.33m and for the U13G, Gabrielle Anderson jumped a PB coming 3rd with 3.74m and Madeleine Anderson (B jumper) came 2nd with a jump of 3.25m.

In the Shot Putt, Sam Kelly (U13B) came 4th with a throw of 4.23m. Acacia Williams-Hewitt came 1st for the U15G A Group with a PB throw of 9.20m and Tati Wilson also came 1st in the B group with a PB of 7.33m. Erin Lobley (U13G) came 1st with 7.80m and Claudia Turnell came 1st with a PB of 5.71m. In the Discus, Gabriel Gisborne (U15B) came 4th with a PB of 15.44m. For the U15G, Lauren Foletti came 4th also throwing a PB of 14.62m. In the Javelin, James Hartley (U15B) came 4th with a PB of 18.43m. Lauren Foletti had a good throw in the U15G, coming 1st with a PB of 25.58m and Sophie Oliver (B thrower) came 3rd with a PB of 10.81. For the U13B, Sam Oliver came 4th with a PB throw of 11.45m and Dylan Stevens came 2nd with a PB of 10.56m. Gabrielle Anderson and Madeleine Anderson both won there A and B groups in the U13G, both getting PBs of 14.02m and 12.65m.

National 6/12 Road Relay Championships, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

Saturday 16th April 2016

Competitors at the National Road Relay Championships were faced with cold winds, sunshine, rain and snow flurries.

The Senior women’s team finished 14th. Nicky Squires got the team off to a good start on the opening long leg, finishing 14th in 31:46. Charlotte Slack, not helped by the cold conditions, was 19th on the 2nd short leg in 20:31. Hannah Whitelam, recovering from injury, was 20th in 20:54. Zanthe Wray on the 2nd of the long legs came in 15th in 32:51. Hannah Fletcher maintained her position on the next short leg with 19:06. Charlotte Ward, making her debut for the team, matched Hannah’s time to bring the team home in 14th in 19:06.

The Senior men did very well to field a complete team despite a number of absences. Tom Bains led off, running the fastest long leg for the team, finishing 25th in 27:39. Nic Barber on the first of the short legs was 31st in 17:11. Ben Beattie finished 35th in 29:25 and Mike Sprot 39th in 18:12. Andy Challenger moved the team up to 31st on his long leg with a time of 27:56. Connor Milnes ran the fastest short leg for the team with a time of 15:47 to move to 28th. Rob Little ran another strong long leg to finish in 25th in 27:50. Gareth Phoenix was 27th in 19:03 and Matt Hobbs maintained the position with 29:22. Sam Peters ran 18:18 or 27th with Zak Mellard gaining one place on the final long leg with a time of 29:35. Josh Walton completed the final short leg in 17:39 to finish 26th.

Many thanks to Hannah Whitelam, Nicky Squires and Andy Challenger for their hard work in getting the teams together.

Wakefield Spring Open Meeting

For the U11 Boys, Cosmo Johnson came 2nd in the 80m in a time of 12.81, he came 1st in his 600m in 1.58.16 and he also won the Long Jump by jumping 3.30m.

Sam Lawford came 3rd in his first 100m of the Season in 11.93 and 1st in the Senior Mens 200m in a time of 24.41.

Cameron Bell opened his track season with a strong run in the 800m. Taking the lead at the bell, he held off senior athletes with a strong kick to record 1:56.12,

In the senior women’s 800m, battling against a cold wind, Charlotte Slack was 2nd in 2:25.98 with Caitlin Tevendale 4th in 2:35.94. Caitlin was 2nd in the 400m in 66.53.

Tati Wilson looked strong in her opening 800m, finishing 2nd in the U15G race in 2:30.29.

Connor Milnes followed the leader in a tactical 1500m, kicking away at the bell to win in 4:14.28. David Lewis made a solid start to his track season running 4:42.19 to finish 5th overall (3rd U17M).

Imani Wilson, making a welcome return to the track, made her debut at 3k, winning in 11:09.56.

Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon, Sheffield

Zanthe Wray produced a fine run to win the Sheffield half marathon, improving her time from last year by 1 minute. Zanthe finished first woman (64th overall) with a new pb of 83:09.

Dave Archer narrowly missed out on defending his title, finishing 2nd in 70:50. Gavin Keight was 14th in 75:32. Mike Sprot was 44th in 81:53. Robert Wapshott broke his pb by over 5 minutes, running 85:27 for 95th and Ewan South was 133rd in 87:30 which was 4 Minutes faster than last year.

Manchester Marathon

Steve Bayton produced a fine IMG_2671performance in his debut at the marathon to win the Manchester marathon in 2:22:34. Steve was in a chasing group for the early part of the race, before coming through to take the lead in the latter stages to win in convincing style.


Pete Hodges hopes of running a pb were frustrated by a hip injury in the opening miles. Pete still managed to finish 111th in 2:50:52.

Northern 12 Stage Road Relays, Sunderland

The senior men finished 7th overall in the Northern 12 Stage relays with consistent performances across the team.

Andy Challenger ran a strong opening long leg to put the team in 7th in 20:11. Matt Hobbs was 9th on the first of the short legs with 11:22. Tom Bains held his position on the second of the long legs with a time of 20:46. Ben Beattie was 9th on his short leg in 11:29. Dave Archer gained two places on the third long leg with a time of 20:31. Connor Milnes ran the fastest short leg for the team finishing 7th in 10:48. Rob Little, running the final long leg, looked strong and finished 7th in 20:23. On the final 5 short legs, Gavin Keight ran 11:02, Zak Mellard 11:22, Pete Hodges 11:53, Sam Peters 12:11 and Nic Barber brought the team home in 7th in 11:51.

Cardiff Half Marathon

There were a number of fine performances by HHS athletes at the Cardiff half marathon despite the poor weather conditions. The senior men continued their fine form from the cross country season with three men in the top twenty.

Steve Bayton, using the race as preparation for the Manchester marathon, was 15th with a new pb of 1:08:27. Andy Challenger improved his pb to 1:08:35 in 18th. Rob Little improved his pb by a minute to finish 19th in 1:08:45.

Dave Archer was 44th in 1:12:06 with Ben Beattie 46th in 1:12:40 and Zak Mellard 82nd in 1:14:24.

Nicola Squires had a strong race despite the hard conditions and was 6th in the women’s race and 210th overall in 1:19:10.

Urgent Reminder

Your Membership Renewal has to be paid by 31st March at the very latest. If your subs aren’t paid you will not be eligible to compete after 1st April 2016.

Please contact Membership Secretary, Louise at hhmembershipsecretart@gmail.com, if you have any queries.

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