South Yorkshire Cross Country Championships, Penistone

Sunday 8 December 2013

It was a very successful day for HHS at the South Yorkshire cross country championships and final league meeting over a tough course at Penistone show ground with 5 individual titles, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals, along with an astonishing 7 team titles.

Matt Hobbs moved into the lead in the men’s race early in the race and was never really threatened after that, winning in35:48.  Carl Egdell was 14th (2nd V40) in 38:14 after a close battle with Phil Cooper who finished 15th in 38:21. Adam Dyson, back after a calf injury, was 35th in 40:41.

Julia Jagger and Poppy Blake went to the front of the senior women’s field from the gun and gradually pulled away from the field. Julia won in 24:59 with Poppy 2nd in 26:28. Zanthe Wray worked her way through the field and finished a fine 3rd in 26:37. Hannah Fletcher was 5th (2nd U20) in 27:26 and clinched the overall league title after a series of very consistent runs. Chaanah Patton, making a return after a long lay-off, was 13th (2nd L35) in 28:52, with Nicola Birch 21st in 29:45 and Rachel Poole 36th (2nd L45).

Connor Milnes ran confidently over 6700m to clinch the U17M title in 24:37 with Euan South taking the bronze medal in 25:26. Josh Walton held on well for 5th in 26:10 with Sam Peters finishing strongly in 6th in 26:19. Tom Slack was 12th in 29:36. The U17 men also won the team title.

Charlotte Slack took the silver medal in the U17W race in 16:24 with Rebecca Dancer coming through the field to take the bronze medal in 16:44. Ellie Crownshaw had another strong run in 5th in 17:20 with Charlotte Trueman-Marsden running well to take 7th in 17:34, Ella Robb 14th in 19:18, Lexie Wilson 18th in 21:21 and Flora McNeil 20th in 23:24. The U17s clinched the team title.

The U15B race was a very close race with Cameron Bell pulling away on the final climb to take a fine 2nd place in 14:17. Jacob Trueman-Marsden ran well to take 9th in 15:52, while Jack Wells and Jack Crownshaw were involved in a close finish on the line, taking 10th in 16:26 and 11th in 16:27 respectively.

Mary McCarthy again ran very strongly to take third place in the U15G race in 12:10. Lily Fletcher showed her improving form and confidence in taking 5th place in 12:26 with Megan Loombe running strongly in 9th in 13:14, Caitlin Tevendale, coming back from illness, 10th in 13:17, Imani Wilson 11th in 13:32, Aimee Hill 12th in 13:45, Grace Lucas 13th in 13:46 and Carmen Levine 19th in 15:34. The U15 girls also won the team title.

David Lewis got off to a good start in the U13B race and finished strongly to take the bronze medal in 14:03. Tristan Gale came through for 6th in 14:32 with Kieran Loombe 11th in 15:03, Jakob Ryan 12th in 15:16 and Thomas Clarke 15th in 15:38.

Tilly Simpson won the U13G title convincingly in 12:16. Eve Crownshaw again ran very well for 4th place in 12:50 with Saskia Huxham 7th in 13:30, Ava Jones 11th in 14:04, Laura Trask 16th in 14:58, Ellie Rogers 17th in 15:05, and Isobel Snowdon 24th in 17:51. The U13G took the team title.

Taylor Hill had a fine race to take the silver medal in the U11B race in 5:52 with Dylon Stevens just being pipped for the bronze medal finishing 4th in 6:04. Mark Barnett was 7th in 6:10, Euan Patton was 15th in 6:25, Lewis Snowdon 17th in 6:29 and Jake Seymour 18th, and Sam Payne also in 6:29. John Lowe was 21st in 6:32, Alastair Holland 26th in 6:46 and Jonah Patton 28th in 6:49. The U11B also clinched the team title

Tatajana Wilson clinched the gold medal in the U11G  with strong run from the front in 5:51 with Jodie Hill also running very well to take the silver in 6:01.  Lois Blake was 4th in 6:30 with Holly Booker 11th in 6:46, Naomi Thornton 19th in 7:18, Katie Stowers 23rd in 7:23, Charlotte Birch 25th in 7:27 and Poppy Dunn 27th in 7:35. Not surprisingly the U11G were South Yorkshire team champions.

The overall league results were as follows:


U11 Girls                   Tatjana Wilson           1st
Jodie Hill                   2nd
U13 Girls                  Tilly Simpson              1st
U13 Boys                  David Lewis               3rd
U15 Girls                  Mary McCarthy           3rd
U15 Boys                 Cameron Bell             2nd
U17 Women            Charlotte Slack           2nd
Rebecca Dancer        3rd
U17 Men                 Connor Milnes           1st
U20 Ladies             Hannah Fletcher         1st
Senior Men            Matt Hobbs                1st
Ladies V45              Rachel Poole             2nd
Men V40                Carl Egdell                  2nd

Photos available here

South Yorkshire League 3, Campsall

Sunday 24 November

Darren Newbould was 2nd in the men’s race (1st V40) in 33:04 with Carl Thackery 3rd (1st V50) in 33:20 and Carl Edgell 4th (2nd V40) in 33:30. Phil Cooper was 17th in 35:08.

Rachel Poole finished 29th (1st L45) in 32:14 in the senior women’s race.

Charlotte Slack was 2nd in the U7W race in 16:53 with Rebecca Dancer, continuing her good form, 3rd in 17:22 . Ellie Crownshaw came through strongly to finish 5th in 17:31 with Charlotte Trueman-Marsden running well for 7th in 18:19. Ella Robb was 13th in 19:37, Lexie Wilson 17th in 21:59 and Flora McNeil 18th in 22:26.

Josh Walton ran well to finish 3rd in the U17M race in 23:56 with Euan South 4th in 23:59, Sam Peters 6th in 25:30 and Tom Slack 10th in 29:08.

Mary McCarthy looked very confident with a fine run to win the U15G race in 12:22. Caitlin Tevendale finished strongly to take 6th place in 13:09 just ahead of Megan Loombe in 7th in 13:28. Aimee Hill was 10th in 14:14 and Carmen Levine 15th in 15:11.

Jack Wells ran well to take 7th in the U15B race in 16:51 with Jacob Trueman Marsden close behind in 8th in 16:56, Jack Crownshaw 10th in 17:42 and Reece Horsfall 13th in 20:39.

Tilly Simpson continued her domination of the U13G race, winning in 12:09 with Eve Crownshaw 4th in 12:51, Saskia Huxham 6th in 13:07, Ellie Rogers 15th in 14:33, Laura Trask 17th in 15:30 and Isobel Snodon 24th in 17:32.

David Lewis ran strongly to finish 4th in the U13B race in 12:43 with Jacob Ryan 6th in 12:58, Tristan Gale 8th in 13:12, Victor Baycroft 10th in 13:35, Kieran Loombe 12th in 13:43 and Thomas Clarke 14th in 13:57.

Tatjana Wilson won the U13G race in 6:07 with a confident piece of front running with Jodie Hill also running well to take 2nd in 6:17. They were ably supported by Holly Booker in 6th in 6:42, Lois Blake 8th in 6:49, Katie Stowers 15th in 7:22, Charlotte Birch 18th in 7:28, Naomi Thornton 22nd in 7:34, Monica King 24th in 7:40, Poppy Dunn 26th in 7:47 and Ffion Patton 32nd in 8:00.

Charlie Goacher led home the U11B in 4th in 6:19 with Dylon Steven just behind in 5th in 6:21, Mark Bennett 8th in 6:26, Jake Seymour 13th in 6:41, Sam Payne 15th in 6:46, Jonah Patton 24th in 7:01, Lewis Snowdon 27th in 7:09, Alastair Holland 33rd in 7:19.

Andy 2nd at Percy Pud 10k

Sunday 1 December 2013

Andy Challenger was 2nd at the Percy Pud 10k in 31:51 with Ben Beattie 8th in 33:14, Zak Mellard 10th in 33:31, Carl Edgell 11th in 33:42, Darren Newbould 12th (3rd V40) in 33:25, Phil Cooper 14th in 34:07, Dean Furniss 20th (2nd V45) in 35:12, Armand Bush 28th in 35:28, Richard Guillaume 31st in 35:46, Ewan South 59th in 37:28, Eric Latham 124th in 39:29, David Trickett 147th in 39:58, Chris Guy 153rd in 40:02, Gareth Phoenix 165th in 40:18, Richard Hardy 170th in 40:28, Nick O’Sullivan 199th in 41:08, Mark Bentley 255th in 42:12 and Daniel Cook 361st in 44:09.

Laura Stenton-Bentley was 254th in 42:11 with Gaye Fletcher 415th in 45:05, Jenny Chambers 417th in 45:07, Anne Kirtley 463rd in 45:45, Anne Wallace 623rd in 48:05, Hanna Sahota 765th in 50:09, Alice Hague 847th in 51:25, Wendy Barker 1011st in 53:58, Gill Crownshaw 1058th in 54:39, Ellie Crownshaw 1059th in 54:39, Hilde Storkes 1098th in 55:06,Kathryn Watson 1214th in 56:54, Rebecca Shenton 1254th in 57:39,  Flora McNeil 1310th in 58:31, Helen Giorgiou 1437th in 1:00:34 and Paula Loombe 1451st in 1:00:51.