YDL Upper Age Team Promoted

On Sunday 24 July despite many being away on holiday, our athletes rallied on the day competing in their full allocation of events. They all put outstanding performances and won the final league meeting achieving promotion in a tight league race between Middlesborough, Rotherham and Hallamshire. Congratulations to Middlesborough who were also promoted.
Our grateful thanks also go to all the officials and parent volunteers who made sure we received our full points score for officiating.

Ian Wainwright

It is with great sadness that we learned that Ian Wainwright passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Ian will be well known and fondly remembered by many of our senior athletes who benefited from his coaching and support over many years.

Ian devoted himself to athletics for more than 60 years as an athlete, qualified official, club stalwart and coach. He was a fine athlete in his own right. Ian’s own account of his athletics career provides a fascinating view into his development as an athlete and his sheer love of athletics and sport in general.

It is as a coach, role model and friend that he will be remembered by many athletes in our group and the many more that he inspired with his love for the sport over many decades. They will also remember the generosity and hospitality they enjoyed at Ian and Margaret’s home, enlivened by Ian’s endless anecdotes and humour. For our younger athletes and parents, our current group and its overall philosophy derives from Ian. He was head coach and the driving force behind the group until a terrible accident at home left him with broken vertebrae in his neck.

Ian spent untold hours coaching at the track, on the roads and over the country. He was constantly on the phone to athletes, discussing training and offering encouragement and support. Even after his accident, Ian made sure that he remained in close contact with his athletes. One of his proudest moments was to carry the Olympic torch in the lead up to London 2012—supported by family, friends and athletes with banners and balloons— in recognition of his contribution to athletics.

There are still many in the group who experienced sessions that not only taxed their physical abilities but also Ian’s fondness for mathematical or word puzzles that had to be solved as the session developed. Ian also inspired his athletes by his own example, running every day and carefully logging his mileage over many years. On one memorable occasion, while running with the group through a pine forest as a warm up before a track session, another group passed in the opposite direction with the coach at the back on a bike. Ian turned and shouted loudly, ‘coaches run!’

Everyone who encountered Ian will remember his forthright and honest views, his compassion, generosity, support, love of life and his sense of humour. Ian’s philosophy of life is aptly summed up in the words of one of his great heroes, Emil Zatopek: ‘Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater.’

Ian’s funeral will take place at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on Thursday 4 August at 12.30 pm.

Keith Whitelam

UK Youth Development U13/U15, York

Saturday 16th July

13770311_513846582141904_4039265748544160756_nSome good performances at the YDL this weekend. For the U15 Boys 100m, Danai Mahachi came 4th in the A race in 12.8 and Peter Clayton came 3rd in the B race in 13.5. Danai Mahachi also came 3rd in the 200m in 27.0. In the 300m, Alex Durrant finished 4th 48.4 and Peter Clayton came 3rd in the B race in 45.4. Gabriel Gisborne had a good race to finish 3rd in the 800m in 2.11.0 and Alex Durrant came 2nd in the B race in 2.22.3. In the 1500m, Taylor Hill came 2nd in 4.41.3 and James Hartley came 2nd in the B race in a time of 4.54.7.

In the Discus, Gabriel Gisborne came 4th with a throw of 18.2m. For the Shot Putt, James Hartley came 5th with 5.52m and Taylor came 5th in the B group with a throw of 5.42m. James Hartley also came 4th in the Javelin with 17.31m and Taylor Hill came 4th with 11.04m. In the Long Jump, Peter Clayton finished 4th with a jump of 4.51m and Alex Durrant came 5th with 3.60m. Gabriel Gisborne also competed in the High jump where he came 2nd with a jump of 1.60m.

In the U13 Boys, Joel Vernon won his 100m with a time of 13.0, with Kayden James matching his performance and finishing 1st in the B race in 13.1. They both went on to win their 200m races, Joel Vernon finished in 26.8 and Kayden James got 27.9. In the 800m, Luke Baxter came 2nd in 2.43.0 and Jonah Patton came 2nd in the B race with a pb of 2.51.9. More pbs achieved in the 1500m with Dylan Stevens coming 3rd in 4.56.7 and Jed Darley 1st in the B race with a time of 5.05.6. In the 75mH, Sam Oliver came 2nd in 16.5 and Sam Kelly also came 2nd in 18.5.

In the Javelin, Dylan Stevens came 5th with a throw of 13.28m and Sam Oliver came 5th in the B group with 10.96m. Emaniel Lawal came 3rd in the Shot Putt with 6.68m and Sam Kelly came 4th with 5.30m. In the Long Jump, Joel Vernon came 2nd with a jump of 4.38m and Kayden James won the B group with 4.33m. Sam Kelly came Joint 2nd in the High Jump with a jump of 1.20m and Sam Oliver came 2nd in the B group with 1.15m.

For the U15 Girls, in the 100m, Acacia Williams-Hewitt came 1st in 13.1 and Nicole Hague came 1st in the B race in 13.3. Acacia Williams-Hewitt also won her 200m race in 26.8 and Ellie Koziupa won her race in 27.8. In the 300m, Lucy Revitt came 2nd in 43.8 and Ellie Koziupa  came 1st in the B race in 44.7.  Jodie Hill came 1st in the 800m with a pb of 2.30.0 and Holly Booker won the B race in 2.33.8. In the 1500m, Laura Trask won the A race in 5.12.9 and Ellie Rogers got a pb in the B race coming 1st in 5.20.1. Nicole Hague came 1st in the 75mH in 12.1 and Lucy Revit also won her race in 12.7.

Lauren Foletti came 3rd in the Discus with 17.61m and Sophie Oliver came 1st in the B group with a throw of 15.50m. In the Hammer, Sophie Oliver came 3rd with 18.56m. Lauren Foletti came 1st in the Javelin with 24.86m and Lucy Revitt also came 1st in the B group with 19.30m. In the Shot Putt, Acacia Williams-Hewitt came 2nd with a throw of 8.62m and Lauren Foletti came 4th in the B group with 6.26m. Nicole Hague finished 1st in the Long Jump with a jump of 4.79m and Laura Nunn came 2nd in the B group with a Personal best jump of 4.51m. In the High Jump, Ellie Rogers came 2nd with a pb jump of 1.4m and Sophie Oliver also came 2nd with 1.30m.

For the U13 Girls, Eniola Ajagbe came 2nd in the 75m in 10.5 and Jaime Hemsworth came 2nd in the B race in 11.5. In the 150m, Eniola Ajagbe came 3rd in 21.0 and Claudia Turnell came 1st in the B race in 21.3. In the 800m, Claudia Turnell came 1st in 2.35.9 and Isobel Causer also came 1st in 2.39.3. Zena Hartley won the 1200m in 4.03.2 and Georgia Robertson came 1st in the B race with a pb of 4.09.7. In the 75mH, Madeleine Anderson came 3rd in 15.0.

Gabrielle Anderson got a huge pb coming 1st in the Javelin with a throw of 19.05m, Madeleine Anderson also won with a pb of 15.05m. In the Shot Putt, Iris Szurko came 2nd with a pb throw of 5.70m and Claudia Turnell came 1st in the B group with a throw of 5.66m. In the Long Jump, Iris Szurko came 4th with a seasons best jump of 3.58m and Gabrielle Anderson came 2nd with 3.40m. In the High Jump, Iris Szurko came 1st with a pb jump of 1.30m and Madeleine Anderson finished 1st also with a pb of 1.25m.

In the non-scoring races, Mathyr Wilder (U15G) came 1st in the 100m in 13.7 and Laura Nunn came 3rd in 14.1. In the U13 Girls 75m, Gabrielle Anderson came 3rd in 11.7. In the U13B 100m, Emanuel Lawel came 1st in 13.6 and Luke Baxter came 4th in 15.2. May Quinn (U15G) won the 800m in 2.42..

Well Done to all those who competed, Hallamshire finished 1st team on the day and is currently 2nd in the League standings.