National Cross Country Championships, Wollaton Park, 2017

We were well represented across the age groups at the National Cross Country Championships again this year. On a brutal course crossing rivers and quagmires there were some notable performances:-
U13 Girls – Team 9th Place
19th Ruby Simpson
27th Emma Shipley
139th Zena Hartley
141st Isabel Causer
151st Mo Martin
237th Madeleine Davey
286th Ffion Patten
352nd Megan Weaver
374th Heidi Robertshaw
415th Maddy Butler-Shields
433rd Maddison Mills
450th Isabelle Loombe
U15 Girls – Team 8th Place
30th Eve Crownshaw
46th Jodie Hill
51st Laura Trask
187th Holly Booker
218th May Quinn
386th Monica King
423rd Isobel Snowden
Junior Women – Team 7th Place
42nd Imani Wilson
64th Ellie Crownshaw
78th Charlotte Slack
84th Mary McCarthy
127th Caitlin Tevendale
U13 Boys
90th Dylan Stevens
205th Jonah Patton
223rd Timothy Egdell
428th Lewis Snowden
U15 Boys
87th Taylor Hill
U17 Men
109th Reece Allen
149th David Lewis
231st Kieran Loombe
255th Christian Snelgrove
Senior Women – Team 10th Place
16th Elizabeth Browne
37th Zanthe Wray
71st Nicola Squires
273rd Hannah Whitelam
Senior Men – Team 14th Place
54th Bertie Houghton
62nd Steven Bayton
106th Robert Little
153rd Dave Archer
252nd Nicholas Barber
283rd Zak Mellard
298th John Birch
318th Peter Hodges
319th Andrew Thake
337th David Sprot
365th Steve Worthington
378th Joe Gratton
435th Gavin Keight
689th Carl Egdell
917th Craig Fishwick
Thank you to the team managers- Tina Wilson, Nicola Squires and Dave Archer.