Woodbourn Road: Message from Mike Theobald

Sheffield Hallam University City Athletics Stadium

Many of you will now have had the opportunity to use the above (Woodbourn Road, to you and me) and form your opinions of the ongoing developments. Personally, I feel at home there as I always preferred the running surface, and I am sure the field athletes will appreciate the opportunity to have their facilities back.

Sheffield City Council have committed funds to fulfil the equipment list and I am sure from a competitive and training point of view we will have everything we need.

Another exciting development is the funding of a ‘digital/outreach’ project. Sheffield Hallam University have obtained a grant ( with some matched funds from SCC). Briefly, it is hoped that this technology will aid track training giving athletes the opportunity to download their training times onto their smartphones/iPads, etc. Also there will be digital technology to help coaches to capture and analyse their athletes performance in the field disciplines. Don’t ask me how this works!

I would add that in my dealings with SCC and SHU at all times they have kept their word, and some of the accusations bandied around are the result of confusing the “actual” plan for the development of the stadium and the “vision” of the plans put forward by Richard Caborn.

As a last point, as we do not want a repeat of the Don Valley scenario, please ‘use it or lose it’.

Mike Theobald (Chair)